Gifts as good as hugs! Get your loved ones a companion.

We have variety of colours and animals of this cute cartoon plushie for you to choose.
This cute cartoon bolster plushie will be the best gift for your friends/family.
Get this corgi plushie for your friends/family who are allergic to animals but still love to hug them.
Cute pink rabbit/bunny bolster plushie
Cute pink dog plushie for the pink-lovers.
Our cute plushie bolster is soft and flexible.
Is this brown corgi bolster plushie cute enough for you to bring them home?
Cute brown cat plushie for the cat-people.
Pink bunny plushie bolster for those who are obsessed with pink
Cute pink cat plushie
Cute Blue penguin plushie with a crown on its head.
Cute pink dog plushie bolster
Cute pink penguin plushie bolster with a crown on its head.

Long Pillow/Bolster Plushie - Cat, Rabbit, Dog, Penguin 90CM

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Size: 90cm

Materials: Soft Plush and PP Cotton

The perfect cute animal plushie gift for your kids/loved ones.