We wish you a Happy New Year!

About Us

Hi! Welcome to Cute Plushie Friends.

We are 3 college roommates who spend too much time browsing plushies. Our tiny beds are almost un-sleep-able because we have too many soft toys lying around. We decided to start this store to turn our obsession of plushies into a business, so that you can enjoy the cutest plushies and accessories.

Unlike many other stores, we handpick only the cutest and highest quality plushies. We want our customers to have the best and we absolutely enjoy it. We spend hours going through thousands of soft toys and cute accessories to find you the cutest of the cutest. Less than 1% make the cut, so expect only the best from us.

Have you gifted someone you love a plushie? They hug the plushie, make baby sounds and look at you gratefully with puppy eyes. It is the best gift for any occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's, graduations, baby showers, even retirements. It is a gender-neutral gift for anyone you love (and this includes yourself).

We hope that after reading this, you really feel our motivation for running this business (alongside our plushie obsession). Have fun shopping!