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soda plushie, pizza plushie, vanilla ice-cream plushie, burger plushie, sausage/hot dog plushie, french fries plushie
red popcorn plushie, green popcorn plushie, and blue popcorn plushie
hotdog/sausage plushie, biscuit plushie, hot chocolate drink plushie, chocolate ice-cream plushie, red popcorn plushie, french fries plushie
pizza plushie
soda plushie
sausage/hot dog plushie
hotdog/sausage plushie
hotdog/sausage plushie
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big and small hamburger plushies
vanilla ice-cream plushie and chocolate ice-cream plushie
hot dog or sausage plushie
chocolate ice-cream plushie
chocolate ice-cream plushie
vanilla ice-cream plushie
vanilla ice-cream plushie
burger plushie
hamburger plushie
hot chocolate drink plushie with marshmallows
french fries plushie
biscuit or cookie plushie
sausage on a stick plushie
green popcorn plushie
blue popcorn plushie
red popcorn plushie

Fast Food Plushie 20-70CM

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  • Food plushies up for grabs including hotdog and sausage plushies, french fries plushies, ice-cream plushies, burger plushies, pizza plushies, hot chocolate plushies, popcorn plushies, and soda plushies!

  • Material: Soft plush and pp cotton

  • This is the perfect plushie if you need to go on a diet, hopefully you won't want to eat all these fast foods after you see the cute version of them!