Cuddles guaranteed, cuteness included!

Cute elephant plush in all colours
Grab one of this cute elephant plush to accompany you
4 cute elephant plush in a row.
Cute elephant plush in blue because why not?
Would you want this cute elephant plush in blue or yellow?
cute elephant plush to act as your pillow
cute elephant plush in the colour its born with
cute elephant plush in blue
cute elephant plush in yellow
cute elephant plush in pink
cute elephant plush in purple

Cute Elephant Plush 40/60CM

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Size: 40/60 cm

Materials: Soft plush and PP Cotton

Elephant family groups are very close. While they can’t exactly hug each other, elephants do wrap their trunks around younger relatives to reassure them and to greet each other they twine their trunks together.