Cuddles guaranteed, cuteness included!

these pair of cute fox and raccoon plushie is a must have for the little corner of your room!
irrestibly cute brown raccoon plushie for the study table
is this cute pokemon plushie or cute fox plushie? Loving the yellow colour!
with this pair of cute animal plushie, my room is more instagrammable now
this cute brown raccoon plushie is a perfect addition to your beige theme room
give this cute yellow fox plushie a punch, but be gentle ya
such an adorable and cute racoon plushie not to be missed
cute fox plushie with sharp ears

Pair of Cute Raccoon/ Fox Plushie 45/60CM

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Size: 45/60cm

Materials: Soft plush and PP Cotton

Descriptions:  Snuggle up to this adorable Cute Raccoon / Fox Plushie! This cute cuddly raccoon/ fox plushie is perfect for giving your bedroom a touch of cuteness, and makes an ideal gift for kids or love-struck raccoon enthusiasts. Soft and snuggly to the touch, it's the perfect way to add a bit of adorableness to your day!