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How to Wash Your Plushie

The time has come. The time which you have dreaded for so long. It is here.


gudetama plushies

Now you feel like these cute but demotivated Gudetama plushies.

Okay, this sounds like a real headache, right? Can you put it in the washing machine? Can you just spray it with a water hose? Can you just leave it in the rain and pray that that's all you need to do? Can you just not clean your stuffed toy?

No, no, no, and no.

Using a washing machine will *almost always* ruin your plushie. The fur on stuffed animals might come off, buttons or 'eyes' may come off (poor plushie), and the material may become rough. Who wants to snuggle with a sandpaper when they sleep?

Fear not, we are here to teach you how to love and not ruin your cute plushies.

Step 1: Get a pail

Step 2: Pour some detergent into the pail

Step 3: Soak your plushie in the pail (the water may turn black or muddy, then you know that it is the right decision to wash it)

Step 4: Gently rub the plushie to get dirt out

Step 5: Pour away the dirty water, and refill the pail with clean water

Step 6: Gently rub the plushie to get detergent out. Rinse and repeat if needed.

Step 7: Let your plushie dry outside but not directly under the sun

Your cute stuffed companion will be back with you in a day or two! If you are afraid of being too lonely, you can always shop at Cute Plushie Friends for more cute plushies ;)


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