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How are seals different from sea lions? (and cute seal plushies as pets)

cute seal plushie 
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Seals and sea lions look extremely alike, and to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to differentiate them. The cute animal with flippers that performed at the zoo, balancing a ball on its nose? That’s not a seal; it’s a sea lion. Seals simply do not have muscles on their nose to balance a ball. 

So, how do you differentiate seals and sea lions? Here are a few fun facts to know so that you can impress your friends the next time you go to the beach or the zoo!



Sea lions have a little flap that goes over the hole where their ears are; seals do not. It can be pretty hard to see from afar as the flap is really tiny, but this is the main distinguishing feature for sea lions vs seals. Oh and by the way, the fur seal is actually a type of sea lion. I know right, who named it the fur seal?



Seals have hind flippers like a fish’s tail. They extend directly behind the body, which provides thrust when it is swimming. Unfortunately, being better swimmers mean that they suck on land. The hind flippers cannot rotate and so are unable to help seals walk on land. Sea lions have hind flippers that can rotate and move sideways so that they can walk on land with more ease than seals. Seals also have smaller front flippers than sea lions.



Since seals only have two front flippers to help them move on land, they have to lie on their belly and inch forward – kind of like a caterpillar. Sea lions enjoy better mobility on land as they can use their hind legs to walk and even run. However, having their hind flippers on their sides means that they don’t really provide thrust in water, so they are mainly used as rudders for the sea lions to change direction in water.



If you can choose between having a seal or a sea lion as your neighbour, you would prefer a seal. They tend to be quieter and spend more time in water. Sea lions, on the other hand, are extremely noisy. They are social creatures that tend to have massive gatherings on land, and communicate a lot by bellowing and barking at each other.


Both species are very curious about humans and may come close to investigate, but they are wild animals and can cause significant harm whether intentional or not, so the best way to appreciate their beauty is to watch from afar. However, if you really cannot resist having a pet seal, we have an alternative for you!


Want A Pet Seal?

It is illegal to own a seal as a pet, and potentially dangerous as well. So, the best alternative to a real life pet seal is to get a seal plushie!


Very Soft Lying Seal Plushie

 very soft cute lying seal plushie


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Bag of Snack Pudding Tiny Soft Plushie

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Cute Animal Hat with Moving Ears

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