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cute pokemon psyduck plush toy with two different sizes comparison
gotta catch em all pokemon psyduck plushie cute and perfect gift for your children
standing and lying down pokemon psyduck plush toy
lying down psyduck pokemon plushie perfect for hugging at night
cute psyduck plushie with its normal ear covering 20cm standing
cute psyduck plush toy standing and covering its ear
cute psyduck pokemon stuffed animal standing 40cm
Lying down 35cm cute pokemon psyduck stuffed animal
cute pokemon plushie lying down 50cm
cute pokemon plush toy psyduck gotta catch em all

Pokemon Psyduck Plushie

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  • Standing size: 20/30/40cm
  • Lying down size: 35/50/65cm
  • Material: pp cotton
  • Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Psyduck is one of the cutest Pokemon in the very first generation of Pokemon
  • Do you still remember its cuteness?