Get these cute and cuddly plushies this Christmas for yourself/ your loved ones!

cute baby hippos waiting for their owner
baby river horse lying on the sofa side by side
adorable baby little hippo plush toy lying on mummy hippo plushie back
grey hippo plush toy for kids girlfriends and partners
adorable little hippo river horse plushie plush toy
white enlarged plush hippo with down cotton
grey hippopotamus plushie toy stuffed animal
cute white plush toy adorable hippopotamus

Lying Hippo Plushie 28/40/50cm

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  • Material: Down Cotton

  • Sizes: 28cm, 40cm and 50cm

  • Colours: Grey and White

  • Do you know hippo's names come from the Ancient Greek word meaning 'river horse'?

  • Our cute baby 'river horse' can use some cuddles from their cute mummy and daddy